Solar Street Lights


The Solar Street Lighting Systems Consists of Solar Photovoltaic (SPV) module,a luminaire,storage battery ,control electronics,inter-connecting wires/cables,module mounting pole including hardware and battery box .The luminaire is based on White Light Emitting Diode(W-LED).The luminaire is mounted on the pole at a suitable angle to maximize illumination on the ground .The PV module is placed at the top of the pole at an angle facing south so that it receives solar radiation throughout the day,without any shadow falling on it .A battery is placed in a box attached to the pole.

Electricity generated by the PV module charges the battery during the day time which powers the luminaire from dusk to dawn.The systems lights at dusk and switches off at dawn automatically.


  • It is a stand alone system and works even where there is no grid supply
  • Easy to transport and install anywhere and is suitable for remote areas
  • Provides lighting for 10 – 12 hours daily without running cost.
  • Boon to local bodies as they can save electricity consumption charges
  • No need for manual operation as it has automatic switch “on / off” facility.

Potential for use

Individuals Garden / security lights (compound wall)
Industries Campus / factory lighting approach road, garden lighting, parking areas, security lights, storage yard etc.
Local bodies / Institutions Street lights, parks, play fields, bus stands, bus shelters, petrol bunks, resorts etc.

SPV street lights are being installed by the local bodies – Panchayats, Municipal corporations etc. in large numbers by availing subsidy so as to reduce the recurring power consumption charges. Non-profit organizations can also use them for their campuses.

Cost and Subsidy :

Tentative cost of solar street lights range from Rs.20,000/- to Rs.30,000/- depending upon period of warranty. MNRE provides subsidy of 30 % of cost subject to a maximum of Rs.270 watt/ Rs 450 watt respectively for CFL/LED based Street Lighting System

Install solar on house – save upto Rs.14,700 per year

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