Incentive for Domestic Solar Rooftops – Group

Please read the Terms and Conditions Carefully before applying for Capital Incentive

Terms & Conditions / Detailed Guidelines to be adhered by the Applicant:

1. For individual applicant only 1 KWp plants for residential purpose will be considered for a TamilNadu Government subsidy of Rs. 20,000/- per kWp

2. The subsidy can be availed only by domestic consumers with a TANGEDCO service connection under tariff LA-1A.

In residential apartments having swimming pool with TANGEDCO service connection for common purpose other than LA-1A tariff shall also be considered for this subsidy scheme.

3. The subsidy scheme applies only to grid-connected rooftop solar PV systems comprising solar PV modules, rooftop support structure, solar grid inverter, cabling and protective devices. Grid-Tie system only will be considered.

4. Solar power that is not consumed in the residential building can be exported to the TANGEDCO grid and will be eligible for solar net-metering. In solar net-metering the consumer pays for the net energy imported from the TANGEDCO grid (= energy imported from the grid minus energy exported to the grid). Exported energy will be credited up to a limit of 90% of the imported energy during a 12 months settlement period. To avail of solar net-metering the consumer needs to apply to TANGEDCO. For details the Tamil Nadu Consumer Guide for Solar Net-metering may be consulted. This consumer guide can be found here Tamil Nadu Consumer Guide for Solar Net-metering

5. Change of address:

The change of address shall not be allowed. If an applicants moves to a different address after the registration of an application, a new application with the new address details will have to be filed and application seniority of the old application will be cancelled.

6. Signed hard copiesafter on-line registrations must be sent to TEDA office in Chennai immediately. If the hard copy application is not received, the online registration shall be annulled. Seniority will be as per online submission date.

7. Applicants who do not make on-line applications will be given application seniority on the basis of the date of receipt of the hard copy application in TEDA’s Chennai office.These applications will be assigned seniority after the on-line applications received on that day.

8. In case of flats / apartments, the application can be made individually or collectively by flat owners.

9. The subsidy scheme provides also for applications for joint ownership of a rooftop solar PV plant that serves more than one residence with the following conditions:

a) The joint applicants shall each contribute to the jointly owned rooftop solar PV plant in relation to the plant capacity allocated to them.

b) The average plant capacity per applicant shall not exceed 1 kWp (e.g. a joint application by 10 joint applicants cannot be for a plant capacity in excess of 10 kWp). For plants of a higher capacity, the subsidy will be capped at an average of 1 kWp per applicant.

c) The contract with the installer of the rooftop solar PV plant shall be entered into by the Association or Groups representation after obtaining written approval of each joint applicant on the terms of the contract.

d) Existing registered flat owners associations may apply for the installation of rooftop solar PV plant that serve the common facilities of an apartment complex (e.g. lights, pumps, lifts). For these solar plants, the solar grid inverter output shall be connected to the electrical distribution board(s) of these common facilities and the existing collective service connection may be used for the purpose of net-metering. In this set-up there are no credits of export kWh to the service connections of individual applicants but only to the collective service connection to which the common facilities are connected.

10. TEDA will provide sanction letters for both online and offline applications. These sanction letters will be available on the website of TEDA for downloading by the applicants. The applicants can then check status,download workorder formats, sanction format etc., by giving their Registration number.

11. List of Installer / Installers approved by TEDA with the price after shortlisting through tender process shall be displayed on the TEDA website. The applicant shall select one of the Installer from this list .

12. The inter-connection between the solar grid inverter and the building’s electrical distribution board for a maximum cable length of 25 m will be within the scope of the solar plant Installer. The cost of additional lengths of cable shall be borne by the applicant.

13. Approved cost by TEDA will be for flat roof installation only. If the roof is not flat and requires additional mounting structure then that will have to be separately borne by the applicant.

14. a) The applicant shall make payment of the solar PV system cost to the Installer excluding 30% Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) subsidy , Rs. 20,000 per kWp State Incentive .

b) The comprehensive maintenance charges(CMC) to be paid to the Installer is optional .

c) 30 % MNRE subsidy limited to 30% of MNRE bench mark cost or project cost, whichever is less

15. Under this scheme, no Generation Based Incentive(GBI) will be provided by the Government of TamilNadu.

I have read through all the above Terms and Conditions and I would like to Apply for Capital Incentive

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