About Teda

What is TEDA?

TEDA is Tamil Nadu Energy Development Agency. It is an independent agency setup by Government of Tamil Nadu in the year 1984, as a registered society with a specific purpose – to create awareness and migrate the State from using fossil fuels to renewable energy.

What is the problem TEDA is solving?

We need energy to power our appliances, to fuel our vehicles, for everything. We have been depending on fossil fuels for our energy needs. Fossil fuels come from natural reserves like coal and oil. The problem with fossil fuel is they are limited in supply. The whole world consumes fossil fuel that its only a matter of time before we run out of them. The result could be catastrophic. The cost of power or fuel would be unimaginably high because of great demand and depreciating supply. This is already happening. Besides, at the rate we are consuming fossil fuel, it will have a disastrous impact on our fragile atmosphere. If you are wondering why the seasons are not predictable anymore, why it rains when it normally doesn’t or its hot when its not supposed to be, we have caused almost all of it by our fossil fuel dependence. We need to change quickly to renewable energy before its too late. World over, this is a pressing issue. TEDA is doing its bit for the state of Tamil Nadu by being a channel of initiatives for both Central government and government of Tamil Nadu.

How does renewable energy solve this problem?

Renewable energy doesn’t deplete. Sun never stops giving its light no matter how much we use the sunlight. So it is with the wind. They are always there and will always be there. All we need is a way to harness them and create power from them. Thanks to modern technology, we now have everything we need to obtain free, unlimited power from renewable energy. Even better, this is absolutely environment friendly so we can leave the earth preserved for the future generations to enjoy. Nature has a way of healing itself when we stop hurting it. So, eventually, everything could be back to how it used to be. Monsoons coming in time, fuels getting cheaper, etc. Wouldn’t you like it?

What has TEDA achieved so far?

Grid connected power:
· Tamil Nadu has achieved tremendous success in harnessing renewable energy for generation of grid quality power. It has an installed capacity of 4790 MW from renewable sources as on 31.3.2009 against country’s installed capacity of 14485 MW, which is about 33%.
· As a share of grid power, renewable energy with installed capacity of 4790 MW accounts for about 32% of TNEB’s total grid capacity of about 15,100 MW while the national average is 9% only.
· Dividing the 2008-09, the total units generated in Tamil Nadu from Renewable energy sources is 7532 million units which is 11% of Tamil Nadu is grid consumption.

Wind power:

· Tamil Nadu is No. 1 in India with an installed capacity of 4287 MW as on 31.3.2008, which is about 44% of the total installed capacity in India. The private investment in wind power exceeds Rs.18200 crores. The power generation has exceeded 40 billion units (cumulative).
Cogeneration & biomass :
· Tamil Nadu is a pioneer in introducing cogeneration in sugar mills and continues to lead with installed capacity of 466 MW of which exportable surplus is 266 MW, which is about 250% of installed capacity in India. The installed capacity from biomass is 147.5 MW. (includes waste to energy projects)

Under small hydro project implemented by TNEB directly, Tamil Nadu has an installed capacity of 89.7 MW as on 31.3.2009.

Decentralised systems

· 25068 Solar domestic lighting systems installed in Tamil Nadu with assistance from Government.
· 6095 Solar street lights installed in pubic places/streets mostly in village panchayats with Government assistance and active support and involvement of Rural Development Department.
· Solar water and air heating/drying systems installed for a collector area of 28791 sq.m.
· Biomass gasifiers with cumulative capacity of 5444 KW are in operation.
· 189 nos. of community and toilet linked biogas plants have been constructed in the State under subsidy scheme.

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