There is an ever increasing demand for energy in spite of the rising prices of oil & other fossil fuel / depletion of fossil fuels. Energy demand, in particular electricity production has resulted in creation of fossil fuel based power plants that let out substantial green house gas / carbon emission into the atmosphere causing climate change and global warming.

The Government of Tamil Nadu is committed to mitigate the climate change effects by bringing out policies conducive to promote renewable energy generation in the State. The Government intends to make renewable energy a people’s movement just like rain water harvesting.

The state is blessed with various forms of renewable energy sources viz., Wind, Solar, Biomass, Biogas, Small Hydro, etc. Municipal and Industrial wastes could also be useful sources of energy while ensuring safe disposal.

Renewable Energy (RE) sources provide a viable option for on/off grid electrification & wide industrial applications.

Establishment of TEDA

The Government of Tamil Nadu realized the importance and need for renewable energy, and set up a separate Agency, as registered society, called the Tamil Nadu Energy Development Agency (TEDA) as early as 1985,as per G.O.Ms.No.163, P. & D. (EC) Department, dated 29.11.1984 with the following specific objectives:-

  1. To promote the use of new and renewable sources of energy (NRSE) and to implement projects therefore.
  2. To promote energy conservation activities.
  3. To encourage research and development on renewable sources of energy.

Renewable Energy Installations 

Achievements of TEDA as on 31.03.2018

Power Sector at a Glance
Renewable Energy Programme/ Systems Cumulative achievement up to 31.03.2018 (MW)
Wind Power 8152.39
Bagasse Cogeneration 688.4
Biomass Power 237.67
Solar Power (SPV) 2034.25
Total 11112.71 MW

India (31.12.2015)
Thermal 1,98,484.44MW
Hydro 42,623.42 MW
Renewable (13.2%) 37,415.53 MW
Nuclear 5,780.00 MW
TOTAL 2,84,303.39MW
Tamilnadu (30.06.2014)
Thermal 10,411 MW
Hydro 2,182 MW
Renewable (12%) 8,075 MW
Nuclear 524 MW
TOTAL 21,192 MW

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